Home Style Dinner Entrées

Dinner Entrees Accompanied by Two Sides: Baked Potato, Wild Rice, French Fries, Fresh Fruit, Steamed Vegetable, Cottage Cheese, Dinner Salad, Coleslaw or a Cup of Hearty Soup.  Entrees Served with Our Homemade Bread

Meatloaf Dinner:

Made From Scratch Meatloaf Topped with our Homemade Beef Gravy…8.99

Fish Fry Dinner:

Four Pieces of Hand Battered Cod…10.49

Roasted Turkey Dinner:

Slow Roasted Turkey, Topped with Gravy, Served with our Homemade Sage Dressing and Cranberry Sauce…9.69

T-Bone Steak:

16oz T-Bone Tenderized and Basted with Garlic Butter…13.99

Ribeye Steak:

Hand Cut 10oz Ribeye Steak, Basted with Garlic Butter…13.99

Shrimp Dinner:

6 Shrimp Served Your Way…9.99 *Coconut *Scampi *Jumbo

Walleye Fillet:

6-8oz Fillet Battered and Deep Fried or Breaded and Grilled…13.99

Smothered Hamburger Steak:

8oz Choice Ground Beef Steak, Prepared to Order and Smothered with Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions…9.69

Zesty Pasta:

Served with a Loaf of Homemade Bread and a Garden or Caesar Salad

Fettuccini Alfredo:

Our Homemade Creamy Garlic Parmesan Alfredo Sauce, Served on Fettuccini Noodles and Garnished with Sautéed Tomatoes and Broccoli *Shrimp…9.99 *Chicken…9.29

Spaghetti & Meatball:

Our Homemade Meatballs and Zesty Marinara Sauce over Spaghetti…8.99 *Without Meatballs…7.99

Steaks and Hamburger ordered medium rare maybe undercooked and will be served upon request only. Eating undercooked Beef increases the risk of food born illness especially in Pregnant Women and anyone with a Low Immune system